Breeding male © Nigel Voaden eBird S19810517 Macaulay Library ML 45279331
Breeding male © Julien Mazenauer | Ornis Birding Expeditions
Breeding male © Warren McCleland

Baka Indigobird Vidua larvaticola

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A nest parasite that lays its eggs in the nests of Black-faced Firefinch. Breeding males are glossy black with blue or blue-green iridescence and a pale brownish panel in the wings. Females and non-breeding males are brown and streaky on the back and pale below, with a bold facial pattern. The bill is white and the legs pinkish. Found in woodland, grassland, and thickets, often near water. Breeding males can be identified with care by their vocalizations and by their blue or blue-green gloss. Non-breeding males and females cannot be separated visually from other indigobirds. Imitates the vocalizations of its host firefinches, including soft, repeated whistles.