Breeding male (Reichenow's) © Allison Miller eBird S54167881 Macaulay Library ML 147586071
Female (Reichenow's) © Nigel Voaden
Nonbreeding male (Baglafecht) © Markus Craig
Breeding male (Baglafecht) © Edward Brinkley
Male and juvenile (Reichenow's) © Diane Drobka
+ 2
Adult (Stuhlmann's) © Laurent Esselen

Baglafecht Weaver Ploceus baglafecht

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Large, chunky weaver with a long, heavy bill. Extremely variable geographically. Always shows a pale eye, some black on the face, a yellow breast, and yellow edges on the wing feathers. The color of the crown can be yellow, black, or olive. The back varies from plain olive to heavily-streaked olive to solid black. The belly can be yellow or white. Found mainly at middle and high elevations, in woodland, moist scrub, gardens, cultivation, and forest edge. Vocalizations are typical of weavers: “chet” notes and a sizzling, “radio static” song. Highly variable, and can be confused with several other weaver species, but can usually be identified by combination of black face, yellow throat, and large size.