© Tom Johnson
© Michael McCloy

Arrowhead Warbler Setophaga pharetra

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A small active species found high in moist woodlands. Frequently flicks its tail and often gives impression of being entirely heavily streaked. Blackpoll Warbler can be somewhat similar, but fall birds are tinged with some degree of yellow below, and spring males have a bold white cheek. Black-and-white Warbler is also similar, but it has bold black-and-white stripes (as opposed to distinct streaks as on Arrowhead Warbler) on crown and is usually found creeping along tree trunks or limbs. Call is a hard chip with a slightly squeaky quality. Song is relatively quiet and variable consisting of “tsi” notes; often with two or three introductory notes followed by one or two notes at a lower pitch then several notes at original pitch, given in rapid succession.