Breeding adult © Maggie Geer eBird S74683173 Macaulay Library ML 282965021
Immature © Christophe Gouraud
Immature © Brian Sullivan
Nonbreeding adult © Roly Pitts
Breeding adult © Santiago Imberti
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Breeding adult © Pablo Andrés Cáceres Contreras
Breeding adult © Richard Greenhalgh
Breeding adult © Susan Knoerr

Antarctic Shag Leucocarbo bransfieldensis

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Typical “blue-eyed shag”, endemic to the Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland Islands. Striking adult has the bicolored coloration, yellow caruncles, and white shoulder bar typical of that group; also a small stiff crest during the early breeding season. Juvenile is much drabber, being simply dark above and white below. Almost identical to South Georgia Shag, but ranges differ. Breeds on rocky terrain, on both islands and the mainland. Like many of the other “blue-eyed shags”, tends not to stray too far from colony sites, except when winter ice forces birds to move farther afield to access open water.