Adult male © Kyle Blaney eBird S13347123 Macaulay Library ML 45345081
Female/immature male © Mason Maron
Adult male © Ryan Sanderson
Immature male © Marky Mutchler
Female/immature male © Ronan Nicholson
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Adult male © Mason Maron
Female © Ryan Winkleman
Adult male © Steven Mlodinow
Immature male © Robert Hamilton
Adult male © Drew Beamer
Adult male © Joshua Covill

Anna's Hummingbird Calypte anna

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Relatively large-headed and chunky. Gray and green overall, lacking buffy or orangey tones. Males have shocking magenta head, which appears dark when not catching the light. Females have dingy grayish underparts and often show a dark patch in the center of the throat. Note relatively short, straight bill compared with Black-chinned or Costa’s Hummingbird. Common year-round in the Pacific states of the U.S., mainly in relatively open or scrubby habitats including desert scrub and chaparral. Frequently seen in suburban yards and gardens, often visiting sugar water feeders. Expanding its range northward into British Columbia, even regular in southeast Alaska. Winters to southern Baja and locally elsewhere in Mexico. Listen for male’s scratchy, metallic song, given when perched.