Female © Eyzat Amer
Male © ian dugdale
Female © Albert Tsai
Female © Kai Pflug
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Male © Kai Pflug
Female © Liang-Hsien 亮賢 Chiang 江
Male © Ting-Wei (廷維) HUNG (洪)

Amur Paradise-Flycatcher Terpsiphone incei

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Adult male comes in two morphs, rufous and white; both have a black hood, white underparts, black head, short crest, and bright blue eyerings, but they differ in the color of the upperparts. Breeding males have a long tail twice the length of the body. Female and immature male similar but tail much shorter, and plumage duller overall. Female and young male similar to Japanese Paradise-Flycatcher but brighter rufous above, with a sharper demarcation between the black chest and white belly. Also compare with Blyth’s Paradise-Flycatcher where their ranges overlap. Breeds in broadleaf lowland and hill forests; also in more open habitats in migration and in winter. Song a series of descending fluty whistles; call a staccato, nasal chatter.