Nonbreeding adult/immature (rubescens group) © Mason Maron eBird S74381577 Macaulay Library ML 268786541
Nonbreeding adult/immature (japonicus) © Fumihiro SEMBA
Breeding adult (rubescens group) © Paul Maury
Breeding adult (japonicus) © Vincent Wang
Nonbreeding adult/immature (rubescens group) © Tom Crabtree
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Nonbreeding adult/immature (rubescens group) © Brad Imhoff
Breeding adult (rubescens group) © Michael J Good
Breeding adult (rubescens group) © Steve Kelling
Nonbreeding adult/immature (rubescens group) © Doug Hitchcox
Nonbreeding adult/immature (japonicus) © Giora Leitner
Nonbreeding adult/immature (japonicus) © Giora Leitner
Habitat © Bryan Calk
Habitat © Brenton Reyner

American Pipit Anthus rubescens

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Slender and drab songbird of open country. Usually grayish above and streaked below, but some lack streaks in breeding season. Distinguished from similar-looking (unrelated) sparrows by thin bill and lanky appearance with long legs. Walks on the ground with jerky motions and frequently bobs tail. Flocks are often heard as they pass overhead or flush from a barren field; listen for sharp, high-pitched call notes and look for flashing white outer tail feathers. Song, given from a perch or in flight, is an often impressively lengthy series of repetitive, high-pitched notes.