Southern Yellow White-eye Zosterops anderssoni

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A small, sharp-billed warbler-like bird that is saturated with yellow. Note the yellow underparts, olive-yellow back, and bold white spectacles around the eyes. There is some geographical variation, with montane populations generally darker with a broader eye-ring, and lower-elevation savanna populations paler with a narrower eye-ring. Found in forest, savanna, scrub, gardens, moist woodland, and plantations, usually in hyperactive flocks that can contain many individuals. Often joins mixed flocks with other small birds. Most common call is a high-pitched rising rattle. Song is a quiet, chatty sequence of “chew” notes. Similar to Pale White-eye, but usually separated by range; shows more yellow above the bill, is more richly-colored overall, and prefers moister habitats. Similar to Green White-eye, but slightly paler and usually separated by range. Also similar to Northern Yellow White-eye, though usually separated by range; identification in areas of overlap is poorly understood.



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