Female © Fanis Theofanopoulos (ASalafa Deri)
Male and female © Jean-Louis Carlo
Male © Mark Houston
Male © Niall D Perrins
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Male and female © Lars Petersson | My World of Bird Photography

Ethiopian Siskin Serinus nigriceps

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An attractive seedeater of the Ethiopian highlands. The distinctive males have a black head and an olive-green and yellow body. Females are duller and heavily streaked, though less so below. Both sexes have a black wing with bold white wingbars. Found in a wide variety of montane habitats including forest edge, grassland, heath, cultivated areas, and areas of human habitation, usually in small flocks. The male is distinctive, but females can be confused with African Citril or Yellow-crowned Canary. They are distinguished by their lack of a pale eyebrow, darker overall coloration, stronger wingbars, and reduced streaking below. The song is a rapid jumble of twitters and whistles.