• By New Hampshire Bird Records December 7, 2023

    Everyone loves to look for Snowy Owls, but did you realize that there is a great diversity of birds to see during the New Hampshire winters? The coast hosts many species of ducks, alcids, and loons that migrate south from the arctic regions for the winter and we are their south!

  • Carolina Wren (Northern) ML606892091
    By New Hampshire Bird Records November 24, 2023

    We all look forward to spring and the welcome return of birds as their song fills the air. But there are birds around all year and we’re often surprised to hear them singing in the middle of winter.

  • Pine Grosbeak ML283946751
    By New Hampshire Bird Records October 23, 2023

    “Winter Finches” are those that breed primarily north of New Hampshire and are usually only seen here in the winter where their numbers fluctuate widely in response to food supplies. Read a summary of the finches that came flocking to NH during that pandemic winter in the Winter 2020-21 issue of New Hampshire Bird Records.

  • By New Hampshire Bird Records September 5, 2023

    Look no further than the southeastern corner of Salem, NH where early explorers of the region applied the name “World’s End” to a pond that marked the outskirts of their known world. Now most often called “World End Pond,” this end of the world site is a birding hotspot.

  • By New Hampshire Bird Records August 1, 2023

    No swimsuits needed for these beauties! An amazing array of songbirds captured on video as they perform aquatic dances and cavort beneath a gentle cascade of water, may not get an Oscar nod, but would certainly garner a thumb’s up from birders!

  • Green Heron ML590602271
    By New Hampshire Bird Records July 3, 2023

    Between these two eponymous locations lies a hot-spot for birding. The 4.4 mile Newfields section of the Rockingham Recreational Trail provides great birding spots within reasonable walking distance of several access points.

  • Golden-winged x Blue-winged Warbler (hybrid) ML577651791
    By New Hampshire Bird Records June 2, 2023

    Golden-winged, Blue-winged, Brewster’s and Lawrence’s Warblers present an interesting study in hybridization. For example, how is it that a yellow-throated Blue-winged can mate with a black-throated Golden-winged and produce the white-throated Brewster’s?

  • By New Hampshire Bird Records March 28, 2023

    In a black and white photo of a large white long-necked wading bird, typical identifying characteristics are missing - the legs and feet are submerged, there are no visible head plumes, only the bill is visible. With so little to go on, would you be able to identify this particular bird as a heron or egret?