• By New Hampshire Bird Records November 10, 2021

    Bob Quinn describes what he calls “the epitome of local birding” when he sets up a water feature in his yard during the pandemic last fall. He had an amazing variety of birds!

  • By New Hampshire Bird Records October 18, 2021

    Did you know that continuous publication of bird records has been going on in New Hampshire longer than in any other New England state? Since 1921, New Hampshire Audubon publications have always included seasonal bird records in one form or another.

  • White-eyed Vireo ML374716151
    By New Hampshire Bird Records October 4, 2021

    A recent sighting of a White-eyed Vireo in Concord may have you wondering about the status of this bird in New Hampshire and your chances of seeing one of these yellow-spectacled birds with the pale eye. Spring and fall migration are the most likely times to find birds that aren’t known to breed in New Hampshire, and a chart in this article of the Fall 2013 issue of New Hampshire Bird Records indicates October may just be a good month to be on the lookout for one.

  • Barn Swallow ML254135611
    By Team eBird October 4, 2021

    Researchers compared online eBird observations from the United States and Canada from before and during the pandemic. According to this new study, eighty percent of the bird species examined were reported in greater numbers in human-altered habitats during pandemic lockdowns.

  • By New Hampshire Bird Records September 13, 2021

    As we head into fall migration, our night skies are often filled with songbirds heading south. If you listen, you can hear them.

  • By New Hampshire Bird Records September 2, 2021

    Mississippi Kites are a beautiful bird typically found in the southeastern and south-central US but amazingly there’s a northern breeding outpost in New Hampshire. Read about their discovery and what’s been learned over the last 13 years in an article by Steve Mirick in the Summer 2020 issue New Hampshire Bird Records - now on the website.

  • By New Hampshire Bird Records August 22, 2021

    You’ve checked every single field-guide you have and that bird is just not there! It’s hanging out with that flock of American Robins but, clearly, it can’t be one.

  • By New Hampshire Bird Records June 26, 2021

    Approaching the identification of a white-plumaged egret-like member of the heron family requires more than a cursory glance, especially when looking at juvenile birds. Test your knowledge and get an in-depth lesson on the similarities and most importantly, the differences that separate the similar species of this fascinating family of birds in this photo quiz from the Summer 2016 issue of New Hampshire Bird Records.

  • Sandhill Crane ML345849481
    By New Hampshire Bird Records June 7, 2021

    Do you know what to do if you find an injured bird? Sometimes non-intervention is the best course of action, especially if it is still capable of flight.