Share your eBird story

By Team eBird 19 Jul 2019

Do you have a story about eBird, the Macaulay Library, or Merlin?  We want to hear from you!  Tell us about your experience, your discovery, or what is happening in your community. All stories will be read and a selection will be published on our website and shared on social media.

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out how Teresa and Miles Tuffli got started birding or Steve Howell’s article on the Tropical Mockingbird. Generally, these are the kinds of stories we are looking for:

  1. Personal stories (Did eBird, Merlin, or the Macaulay Library help you discover birding or become a better birder? Has birding helped you personally?)
  2. Stories about data (Have you discovered something cool using eBird data or the Macaulay Library? Do you have tips for using eBird data?)
  3. Stories about bird identification (Did these resources help you uncover the ID of a mystery bird? Do you have tips for a challenging species ID?)
  4. Community stories (Has birding helped the community where you live? Do you use eBird in your community?) 

Submission guidelines

  1. Send your story in an email to with Bird Stories in the subject line
  2. Length: 300-800 words
  3. Include a photo of yourself birding
  4. Select media from the Macaulay Library to help illustrate your story (send links to images or audio files)
  5. Agree to share your story online