Explore and share your birding with eBird Profile Pages!

By Team eBird August 31, 2016

320,000 eBirders and growing… You’ve looked through eBird checklists and seen their names: kindred birding spirits whose sightings you may have glimpsed only once, or followed regularly over months and years. Now, you can find out who the people are behind these names by exploring eBird’s new Profile Pages! Whether you’re a backyard birder or a globe-trotting world lister, eBird Profile Pages allow you to share your birding story with friends and the entire eBird community. This first version of your public eBird dashboard focuses on showcasing your eBird/Macaulay Library activity with tools that visualize all your sightings and highlight your recent media contributions—all updated with each new eBird contribution. We hope these Profile Pages provide a fun new way to visualize the contributions you’ve made to eBird and the Macaulay Library, inspire you to ‘fill in the gaps’ in your profile maps, and allow you to get to know other eBirders by exploring their Profile Pages. Enjoy meeting the global eBird community, and set up your eBird Profile Page today!

Profile Pages are only visible to others who are part of the eBird community (logged in users). The eBird Profile Pages are designed to share your birding with the world, but you can set certain components of the profile page to be hidden from public view, giving you more control over the things you’d like to showcase.

To access and set-up your Profile, visit this URL:


Profile Page Features

  • A photo, bio, and web link that allow you to share something about yourself with the eBird community.
  • An interactive map showcasing your birding the world, displaying a suite of new eBird stats for your region of interest. Click on regions to see state or county statistics or use the “change region” search box to access any region worldwide.
  • Photo and audio streams highlighting your latest media additions, and linking out to user-specific full media streams—making it easier than ever to share your photos and sounds with the world.
  • Latest checklists feed showing your recent birding activity.

This new functionality is another great example of the close connection between eBird and the Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. By combining the online data collection capabilities of eBird with the long-term archival tradition of the Macaulay Library, we aim to build the best tools for birders, and provide the best data for science and conservation. Thanks for participating in these projects, and enjoy your new Profile Page!