Watch Real-Time eBird Submissions

By Team eBird 7 Feb 2013

eBird gathers thousands of bird checklists every day from around the world. Did you ever wish you could watch these submissions come into eBird in real-time? Now you can. We’ve developed a new map visualization that displays live eBird checklist submissions. Each time a new checklist is entered, a yellow dot appears at the location where the observations were made. It fades after a second to a gray dot. Each gray dot on the map represents a location where at least one checklist was entered during the current day. The total number of checklists entered for the current day appears at the top right. The day resets at midnight Eastern Time. We encourage you to view the map and see where your fellow eBirders are entering data right now from all over the world. To view the map, visit the Explore Data page and then select Submission Map.