eBird Illustrated Checklists are here!

By Team eBird 14 Jul 2017
Henslow's Sparrow Centronyx henslowii

You can now view a digital bird guide for any hotspot or region in the world: an Illustrated Checklist. The best part? It’s all using sightings that you contributed! We take the highest-rated photo and sound from the Macaulay Library, combine with eBird data to show seasonal occurrence, and include the last date when a species was seen in that place. The result: a quick overview for the region that gives the most relevant information. Want your photo to be the best image for that region? Add them to your eBird checklists! To check out Illustrated Checklists, search for any region or search for any hotspot. At the top of the species list you’ll see a new tab titled “Illustrated Checklist”. Here’s an example.

This functionality is another great example of the close connection between eBird and the Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. We hope these Illustrated Checklists provide an exciting new way to visualize the contributions you’ve made to eBird and ML, an added incentive to add your top photos from your favorite spots, and a window through which you can explore the contributions of others. Have fun, and don’t forget to add star ratings for your images! Now we’re going to get back to uploading our photos to our favorite patches…

Looking for sounds and photos of the birds you might see on your next trip? Illustrated Checklists have everything you need to get prepared.