New eBird publication highlights a novel approach to citizen science

By Team eBird February 26, 2014
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Birders are the engine behind what we now think of as the “eBird Enterprise”, a global project with high conservation significance that has collected more than 150 million bird records from across the planet. A new publication in the journal Biological Conservation highlights how eBird has evolved from a basic citizen-science project into a collective enterprise, taking a novel approach to citizen science by developing cooperative partnerships among experts in a wide range of fields: population and distributions, conservation biologists, quantitative ecologists, statisticians, computer scientists, GIS and informatics specialists, application developers, and data administrators. The paper is featured as “Editor’s Choice” on the Biological Conservation web site, and has been set to “open access”. Please visit the link above to download the paper, and learn more about how your contributions are impacting our ability to document, understand, and conserve birds and biodiversity. Thanks again eBirders. None of this would be possible without you!