eBird Essentials

By Team eBird 30 Oct 2018

Learn about eBird Essentials. Cerulean Warbler image by Andrew Simon/Macaulay Library.

eBird has many ways to help your birding—and we bet you don’t know them all. Whether you’re just starting out or have been eBirding for years, we think that our new free eBird Essentials course has at least one tip, trick, or piece of key info that you haven’t seen before.

With so many different aspects of eBird to know about, we’ve worked over the years to give you the best tools to learn how eBird works and can help you. Although the eBird Help Center holds the final word on any of your eBird questions, we feel that this eBird Essentials course boils everything down to the core elements of eBird that every eBirder should know. Whether it’s how to enter sightings and find birds or the nuts and bolts of the review process, this course has the answers.

We developed eBird Essentials in collaboration with the Bird Academy and BirdSleuth teams: two key projects in the Cornell Lab’s Education program.  There’s no way that this resource could have come into being without their educational expertise, and we have confidence that you’ll find this to be the best educational resource available for eBird. Check out eBird Essentials for free today.