By dcronenwett September 27, 2019
It’s coming: the annual southward migration of Snow Geese! Freezeout Lake Wildlife Management Area is one of the best places to see this awe-inspiring spectacle of nature.
By dcronenwett September 4, 2019
A Woodpecker that doesn’t follow the rules Of all the groups of birds, woodpeckers have some of the most fascinating adaptations. A strong sturdy beak, a cushioned skull, propping tail feathers, and a sticky tongue with a barbed tip that wraps around the brain.
By dcronenwett September 3, 2019
Helena, Montana Area INTRO CLASS DATE CHANGE– Join Montana Audubon for a Raptor Identification or Raptor Photography Workshop in the Helena area this September! There is no question that learning how to identify raptors takes time.
By dcronenwett August 19, 2019
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks in collaboration with Montana Audubon are working to assess populations of Chimney Swifts in eastern Montana. Check out what’s happening by viewing this recent Outdoor Report, with FWP’s Winston Greely!
By dcronenwett August 8, 2019
In addition to the education center, MT WILD in Helena also houses the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.  The education center is open to the public, while the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is not to allow for injured wildlife the best chance of rehabilitation success and prevent the wildlife from being habituated (used to people).
By dcronenwett July 30, 2019
For the second year in a row, the Clark Fork Coalition will partner with University of Montana to do a Superfund Bird Tour based at Dry Cottonwood Creek Ranch. This year the event will be on FRIDAY, AUGUST 2nd.  The tour will start with a bird-banding demonstration by University of Montana Bird Ecology Lab (UMBEL), […]
By dcronenwett July 22, 2019
A question that comes up every spring and early summer is: what do I do with the young bird I found? Most people who spend enough time observing nature will make the startling discovery of finding a young bird (fledgling) that has for one reason or another, has separated from its nest.
By dcronenwett July 9, 2019
Extreme weather, shifting precipitation patterns, increasing temperatures, and changing seasons are all impacting birds and the ecosystems which they depend upon. Programs like Integrated Monitoring of Bird Conservation Regions, Breeding Bird Surveys, Christmas Bird Counts, and others help us track species’ range and abundance over time as global weather patterns shift.
By dcronenwett June 17, 2019
Not everyone is a birdwatcher. But almost everyone knows what an Osprey is.
By dcronenwett May 13, 2019
From Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks’ WILD Center Species Spotlight: Horned Lark by Carolyn Underwood   Horned larks are small songbirds usually seen on the ground. A black face patch, pale-yellow throat, and black, crescent-shaped mark on the breast help identify them.