• By Olga Helmy and Erick Greene September 21, 2022

    As temperatures cool across Montana and we bid bon voyage to many of our feathered, warm-weather residents—we also say a temporary goodbye to a local icon. Western Montana’s Osprey begin departing for warmer climes in mid-September.

  • By Olga Helmy August 10, 2022

    Chickadees are the epitome of a backyard bird. Of the seven species of chickadee that typically occur in North America, four of them call Montana home.

  • By UMBEL May 18, 2022

    Born epic adventurers, Montana’s Harlequin Ducks migrate latitudinally each year, between breeding sites in turbulent, glacially-fed streams of the Rocky Mountains and a wintering range on the rough, coastal waters of the Pacific Ocean. Amphibious swimming skills make these birds seem as at home below the surface as they do above.

  • By UMBEL February 21, 2022

    People often associate birds with the places they come to rest or feed. But really that’s just a small part of many birds lives, with most of their time spent on the wing.

  • By UMBEL November 3, 2021

    Here’s a seemingly simple question: how many bird species are there?  And further, what do they look like?  How can you tell them apart?  Where are they found?  When you open a bird guide, where does all that information such as sizes, diets, distributions, and plumage across ages and sexes come from? We often take […]

  • By UMBEL November 3, 2021

    Greater Sage Grouse occur within the sage steppe ecosystem, which covers 186 million acres in parts of Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, North Dakota, South Dakota, Alberta and Saskatchewan. However, the vast majority of sage grouse—three quarters of the species—occupies just under a third of this area.

  • By MT WILD July 26, 2021

    The heat wave ripping through the west makes outdoor chores miserable. Humans have their AC units and popsicles to make it through the heat, but what about birds?

  • By MT WILD July 26, 2021

    If you do a lot of backyard birding, chances are that you can’t escape the message of “clean your feeders.” It’s peppered in throughout every article about bird feeders and songbirds. But how much do you know about the diseases that affect songbirds?

  • By UMBEL June 28, 2021

    Anglers and floaters aren’t the only ones flocking to rivers and streams during the summer. Songbirds, many of them traveling hundreds or even thousands of miles from their wintering grounds, also flock to the rivers each spring and summer.

  • By MT WILD May 25, 2021

    Whether you’re floating down the Mighty Mo, relaxing beside Flathead Lake, or lounging in the backyard hammock, the best accompaniment to a good summer day is a great book. Listed below are 5 books in which the main characters have wings and you’re guaranteed to learn something about birds you didn’t already know.