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Killdeer Charadrius vociferus

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The Virginia Breeding Bird Atlas 2 is a collaborative citizen science project that is supported by the following sponsors:

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Black-crowned Night Heron ML236604721

Leaves are turning gold and frost covers the grassy fields here in the mountains of southwest Virginia.  Drab little Cape May and Tennessee Warblers flit through the tree lines, while streams of Common Nighthawks track southward through the river valleys. These heralds of Autumn signal a finale that was hard to imagine nearly five years […]

Black Vulture ML253660611

A few quick reminders… The summer breeding season continues to wind down as more and more migratory species begin gathering in preparation for their southward flight.  As the Atlas project wraps this final data collection season, we wanted to remind our volunteers that the time has come to dispense with regular use of breeding codes.

Bringing an end to data collection for the second VA Breeding Bird Atlas project. The start of this year’s Fall migration season marks the final phase of our five-year VABBA2 journey.

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