By Eric Wallace, VABBA2 Communications May 22, 2020
College-aged field technicians are gaining valuable professional experience working with the VABBA2—and having awesome adventures along the way. Did you know that 15 mostly college-aged field technicians have been working with the VABBA2 coordinator  to conduct Virginia’s first comprehensive avian point-count study?
By Eric Wallace, VABBA2 Communications May 8, 2020
Bob Epperson was uniquely qualified when the second Virginia Breeding Bird Atlas launched in 2016: He’d spent more than 30 years conducting avian surveys as a contract biological consultant for conservation organizations and agencies. The work carried him up and down the East Coast, but was primarily based in Florida.
By Eric Wallace, VABBA2 Communications April 7, 2020
While atlasing activities have been rather curtailed by covid-19 for the time being, we still want to share some of the great stories and achievements to come out of our project so far.  In that spirit, we’ll be continuing to push out Atlas stories and articles in the coming weeks.
By Eric Wallace, VABBA2 Communications March 27, 2020
The U.S. economy has ground to a halt.
By Ashley Peele March 20, 2020
When aspiring naturalist and ecologist Cade Campbell turned 16, a driver’s license paired with his recent discovery of the VABBA2 to open a new world of ornithological adventure. Living on the border of far southwest Virginia in Bristol, Tennessee, brought proximity to some of the East Coast’s most interesting and untrammeled avian habitats, including high-elevation […]
By Ashley Peele March 13, 2020
Volunteer Guidance for the Final Season of the VABBA2 With some perseverance (and good weather), the VABBA2 can reach 100% priority block coverage, as well as set a Virginia record for block completion, in the final year of VA’s second breeding bird atlas project.  Our volunteers have already managed to surpass the number of blocks […]
By Eric Wallace, VABBA2 Communications February 7, 2020
The 2019 Atlas Rally Series was a big success—participants gathered tons of data and had a blast doing it. This season will bring new events and locations.
By Ashley Peele January 16, 2020
As we look ahead to the fifth and final field season of Virginia’s second breeding bird atlas, lets first look back at some highlights from the 2019 field season.  If you clink on the image, you will be able to view and download our 2019 field summary report.
By Ashley Peele December 12, 2019
The time for Christmas Bird Counts is upon us and with it comes the first opportunity to document a breeding bird record for the FINAL Atlas field season.  What species starts setting up breeding territories during the months of frigid temperatures, biting winds, sleet, and snow?  Virginia’s largest breeding owl species, the Great-Horned (Bubo virginianus).
By Ashley Peele August 2, 2019
Atlas Birding in Late Summer… Once again the Fall migration season is close upon us.  Our summer residents are beginning to move south, as northern breeders start passing through the Commonwealth.