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By Ashley Peele May 22, 2018
Barn Owls and the VABBA2 One evening several years ago, while standing in the middle of a grassland somewhere on Long Island, NY, a Barn Owl flew over my head, pale and silent despite the flapping of its wings. It was a definite WOW moment.  The Barn Owl is known by several colorful names inspired by […]
By Ashley Peele May 10, 2018
Certified master naturalist Kelly Krechmer took a break from her life in Fauquier County to spend the summer atlasing in far southwest Virginia. In the spring of 2017, certified master naturalist and VABBA2 super-volunteer Kelly Krechmer faced a tough decision.
By Ashley Peele May 3, 2018
Wild and remote, Region 7 is a haven for adventurous Atlas volunteers. Here, regional coordinator Steven Hopp gives you the inside scoop on the area’s top spots to check out.
By Team eBird April 28, 2018
This May’s eBirder of the Month challenge, sponsored by Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, is all about birding on Global Big Day! Only one week left until 5 May, Global Big Day: submit 3 or more eligible checklists for your chance at free binoculars.
By Ashley Peele April 24, 2018
For retired mathematics and social sciences professor Diana Doyle, birding and outdoor adventure have always gone hand in hand. After decades of summer travels, when Diana, 54, left academia in 2004, she and her husband Mark, 61, decided to sell their Minnesota home and live full-time on their PDQ 34 power catamaran.
By Ashley Peele April 19, 2018
Sixty-two-year-old Flint Hill School science and biology teacher Fred Atwood likes to joke his passion for birding was established before his first memories. Chatting with former-students, they seem to confirm the idea, claiming that, for this beloved educator, the activity seems less like a hobby, more an element of his personality.
By Ashley Peele April 17, 2018
F0r this second installment of our ‘Year of the Night Bird’ series, VDGIF Avian Biologist, Sergio Harding, shares the story of our smallest and most mysterious owl species… When it comes to Virginia’s owls, the Eastern Screech-Owl is often thought of as our smallest species.  But that distinction really belongs to the Northern Saw-whet Owl, […]
By Ashley Peele April 9, 2018
For Virginia birders, the Northern Neck and Middle peninsulas offer diverse habitats ranging from fresh and saltwater marshes, to dense forests, grasslands, Chesapeake Bay beaches, and miles of rivers, including the Rappahannock, York, and Potomac. With sparse development and low population densities, visitors are treated to one of the widest arrays of avian wildlife the […]
By Ashley Peele March 25, 2018
As many of our readers may already be aware, this year marks the 100th anniversary of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.  This landmark leglislation paved the way for legislative regulation of bird hunting/harvest, ultimately helping to prevent the loss of many species of wading birds, waterfowl, and brighthly-colored songbirds.  Many conservation organizations are marking this […]
By Ashley Peele March 23, 2018
Despite the recent snows, birds are singing and spring is in the air!  As thoughts turn towards this year’s Atlas activities, some volunteers may be pondering over their Atlas blocks.