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By Ashley Peele December 13, 2018
This weekend marks the start of Christmas Bird Count (CBC) season for many counties in Virginia, which also means that we’ve arrived at the start of the breeding season for one of our most impressive Virginia species, the Great-Horned Owl (GHOW).  In fact, reports of territorial pairs of GHOWs are already coming in for counties […]
By Ashley Peele December 7, 2018
In 2018, we waved hello and goodbye to the halfway point for this project and are now blazing ahead toward the finish line in 2020.  As we look toward year four, we will be pushing out new resources to help guide volunteers for our last two field seasons. For now though, we would like to turn […]
By Ashley Peele August 15, 2018
As we continue to wind down our third breeding season, we encourage Atlas volunteers to take the time for a little self-evaluation of this season’s data.  A quick check for common errors can help save the Atlas review team a lot of time in the off-season AND help you improve your Atlas knowledge for next […]
By Ashley Peele August 3, 2018
Atlas Birding in Late Summer… Once again the Fall migration season is upon us.  Our summer residents are departing, as northern migrants begin moving through Virginia.
By Ashley Peele July 25, 2018
Veteran BBA volunteer Mike Stinson reflects on atlasing in the era before eBird. Imagine working on a breeding bird atlas in a pre-internet world where The Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s eBird platform amounts to little more than a sci-fi pipedream.
By Ashley Peele July 19, 2018
A team of dedicated eBird reviewers is working behind the scenes to ensure the accuracy of the eBird database in Virginia.  Spreadsheet wizard Rob Bielawski is helping to revolutionize the data filtering process.
By Ashley Peele July 12, 2018
For two years, Virginia Tech Conservation Management Institute technician Garrett Rhyne scoured far southwest Virginia collecting point-count data for breeding birds. Noticing the lack of information on the Swainson’s warbler, he’s now conducting a study of his own.
By Ashley Peele June 29, 2018
July has arrived with some of our hottest and often driest weeks of the summer.  It is tempting to write off birding efforts at this time of year as many folks believe that birds are less active during these hot months.  Not so! While birds may sing less frequently, July is a very busy time for […]
By Ashley Peele June 22, 2018
When Monticello Bird Club member Eve Gaige met Gabriel Mapel, he was 11-years-old. Bonding over a mutual love of birds, the two founded what is now Virginia’s largest and most active youth birding club.
By Ashley Peele June 12, 2018
Since discovering birding in 2014, husband and wife super-duo Guy and Susan Babineau have become some of the VABBA2’s most active supporters. These days, most weekends find husband and wife Guy and Susan Babineau slipping out of bed and hitting the road before dawn.