2023 eBird Status and Trends Updates for Researchers

New and updated Status products are available for 1120 species across their global ranges (approximately 160 more species than last year), plus trends in relative abundance for 852 of those species. Status updates for 400+ additional species coming in early 2024.

Exciting new features

  • Custom shapes stats – draw on the map and get percent of population info for all species
  • *NEW* Download Trends results – available for the first time, the data behind the trends maps
  • State-level trend summaries – Trends summarized by state/province with confidence intervals

Notable changes

Important: For eBird Status data products only (not Trends), the website now contains a mix of species from different version years (2021 and 2022). See below for impacts on analysis.

Trends now cover different ranges of years in each region, but never vary within region. North American trends now cover 2012-2022 (2011-2021 for nonbreeding species).

To learn more about all the changes and improvements, visit the FAQ page on updates.

Available outputs:

  • Abundance geospatial data (raster)
  • Range and *NEW* Trends geospatial data (vector)
  • Regional statistics related to relative abundance and range boundaries (CSV) and *NEW* Trends with uncertainty (CSV)

Where can I download the data products?

Download data products

Search for any species and tap the ‘Download’ button in the upper right corner.

Tips for advanced analysis

  • We provide the following R package: ebirdst to work with more detailed data products for both Status and Trends. To learn more about Trends analysis with the R package, visit the vignette.
  • To access only the updated data, use the package that’s available on CRAN. To access all of the previous 2021 versions of the data products use version 2.2021.3 of the ebirdst R package.
  • If you want to analyze a group of species that would contain a mix of version years, the only products that are suitable for doing so are the proportion of population products, available only in the R package linked above.

Learn more

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General information on Status and Trends