• By NZ Bird Atlas Team February 1, 2023

    One of the key aspects of the Atlas is attempting to survey the entire country, spreading out the community’s effort to ensure we gain as much of a complete picture as we can over the 5 years. As many of you will know, this will involve accessing harder to reach spots that will likely not […]

  • By Team eBird January 25, 2023

    Exotic species categories and icons now appear on eBird Life Lists, Targets, and the eBird Mobile app, and Escapee birds are counted separately in outputs. These updates align your personal lists with eBird's improved Exotic species policies and make it easier than ever to report and track the establishment of human-introduced species.

  • By Kirsten Olsen January 17, 2023

    As we get into the latter stages of the Atlas, we want to feature some of the Atlasing adventures the community have had of late. Below is a summary of an Atlasing adventure near Dannevirke written up by two passionate Atlasers, Kirsten Olsen and Stephen Legg.

  • By NZ Bird Atlas Team January 12, 2023

    As we wonder where the summer sunshine has gone, it’s time to announce our October/November Atlas challenge winner! We hope there will be some more settled weather to come, and of course, we hope everyone is safe and well.

  • Royal Spoonbill ML505381971
    By NZ Bird Atlas Team January 1, 2023

    Whether you are a new or a longtime Atlaser, you may be thinking about what new resolution or challenge to take on in 2023. New Year’s Resolutions are fun personal goals that can help you to improve your birding skills and stay engaged with the Atlas project and eBird throughout the coming year ahead.

  • By NZ Bird Atlas Team January 1, 2023

    🍾 Happy New Year!   We hope you’re ready for another fantastic year of birding/Atlasing!

  • Weka ML509112321
    By NZ Bird Atlas Team December 31, 2022

    2022 was a year worth celebrating. Let's recognize the successes from the past year that you have helped to build.

  • By NZ Bird Atlas December 23, 2022

    The current summer season cumulative statistics are summarised below: We’ve created two island scale maps to highlight where no (zero!) diurnal effort hours have been undertaken so far in the summer season since the project began in 2019. This is to help you as part of the community to better visualise the gaps that still […]

  • By Richard Schofield December 20, 2022

    We wanted to feature some Atlas trips that have occurred recently and share their stories. Below is a featured article written by Richard Schofield who works tirelessly as the BirdsNZ Otago Regional Recorder and is a leading Atlaser across the country.

  • By NZ Bird Atlas Team December 10, 2022

    In February 2023 BirdsNZ members have the chance to support the Atlasing effort in Gisborne! From 3-6 February 2023 there will be a Toi Toi wines funded trip to undertake Atlasing within the beautiful Gisborne region, to help gather important bird observations for this under-surveyed area. This is a re-scheduled trip, and is being held over Waitangi weekend […]