New - Breeding Code Quizzes!

By Julie Hart March 25, 2020
Common Merganser Mergus merganser

Are you still unsure how to code common breeding behaviors? Do you think you have it down, but want to test yourself to make sure?

Now you can test your understanding of how to apply the breeding codes with a quiz! Quizzes are organized from easiest to hardest.

You may also want to play along with the weekly code quizzes on the atlas discussion group on Facebook. Look for new quizzes on Thursday and answers on Friday.

Still have a question? Post your observation on the atlas discussion group or contact your regional coordinator.

And remember, if you are still unsure what code to use, add comments to your eBird checklist. In eBird, go to the species in question, describe what you saw in the comments field, and enter the code you think is appropriate. Follow-up by contacting a regional coordinator or posting your question online. Look up the behavior on All About Birds, Bent’s Life Histories, or Birds of the World. Once you have a deeper understanding, go back and change your observation if appropriate.