By Julie Hart November 4, 2019
Hints on Haunts: Your Guide to Finding Breeding Birds Compiled in 1982 by Janet Carroll and John M.C. Peterson For most bird species there are characteristics of habitat and behavior that are specific to that species.
By Julie Hart October 7, 2019
In the last issue I presented the Confirmed breeding codes. This was part 1 of a two-part series, but since the breeding season is over, I am going to postpone part 2 on the Possible and Probable codes until spring 2020.
By Julie Hart July 1, 2019
In the last issue I introduced the idea of breeding codes used by bird atlases to document the breeding status of birds. It’s now summer and the birds are well into their breeding cycle, which means that you have the opportunity to practice using these codes.
By Julie Hart April 8, 2019
You may have heard people say how atlasing is a different way of birding and an extremely rewarding one at that. But what does this mean?
By Kathryn Schneider April 8, 2019
NY BBA III! If you attended the NYSOA Annual Meeting you could feel the excitement.