• By Gabriel Foley September 21, 2022

    Perhaps the most fundamental way to measure the progress of the Atlas is through block completion. By the end of the project, each block needs to be complete.

  • Broad-winged Hawk ML327292341
    By Gabriel Foley September 21, 2022

    September is the time of year when migration has returned to the forefront of our minds, and the spectacle of migrating Broad-winged Hawks is certainly a highlight. Broad-wings are exceptionally gregarious as they coast from one updraft to the next, all the way south.

  • Hooded Merganser ML233110451
    By Gabriel Foley June 1, 2022

    If this year’s “Global Big Day” didn’t fit into your busy spring schedule, here’s another chance to make your birding count! How about a Big Atlas Weekend?

  • Wood Duck ML245634991
    By Gabriel Foley April 1, 2022

    Breeding codes help categorize observed behaviors regardless of the species, while comments help provide context and background.