Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department Becomes a Vermont eBird Sponsor

By Kent McFarland June 2, 2016
Habitat Stamp

The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department is proud to sponsor Vermont eBird through our new Vermont Habitat Stamp program.  The stamp helps conserve Vermont’s wild places, both by purchasing lands for permanent conservation, and by working with landowners to improve habitat for species such as Golden-winged Warblers.

If we want to conserve birds, we have to conserve the habitat they need to survive.  It’s just that simple.  Many of the best places in Vermont for birds to feed and nest are on publicly owned wildlife management areas.  The Habitat Stamp helps conserve these places so that we can continue to provide birds with a place to call home, and provide people with great opportunities to see birds in the wild.

The actual ‘stamp’ comes as a bumper sticker in the mail to people who donate online.  The suggested donation is $15, although some donors have chosen to contribute up to $1,000, to support habitat conservation in Vermont.

As the Fish & Wildlife Department strives to conserve more than 200 species of birds and their habitats, we encourage you to show support annually by purchasing a Habitat Stamp.  Thank you for all you do for conservation!