eBird Tip: How to Upload Your Life List

By Kent McFarland December 7, 2014
A birdathon team in action.

Vermont eBird does not have a way to load an initial life list, since the minimum requirement for an eBird record is species + date + location. You can build a life list by entering the species + date + location if you have that information.

Some birders do not have those detailed records, and we understand that you may want to get your life list current before using eBird. To do this, please follow these instructions:
  1. Submit your life list for a certain state using “submit by city, county, or state.
  2. Submit as an incidental observation that is marked “No” to the “reporting all species” question.
  3. Use the date of 1 January 1900.
  4. Add checklist comments that make it clear that you are submitted a baseline life list.
  5. Once you have submitted the checklist, click on the option to “Hide from eBird Output”, which will remove the record from view.

All this will flag it for us as a record that will not be used for science. Thanks, and we hope that after loading your life list you will submit fine-scale complete checklists with start time and duration, since this is what is most useful to Vermont eBird.