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Owner James Fox

eBird Pelagic Protocol
  • 6
  • 8 mi

Ninth checklist in sequence for 1 June 2016 pelagic, Rudee Inlet to Norfolk Canyon. Still working waters over Norfolk Canyon, occasionally chumming. Boat traveled generally WNW, but made at least one complete circle during this hour. Counting was interrupted by rain beginning 10:52 a.m. but ending before 11:30. End of checklist location N 37 02.879, W 074 32.304


  1. Number observed: 20

    Comments: estimate only; small groups more or less constantly appearing and disappearing during this segment of trip

  2. Number observed: 2

    Comments: Seen by observers familiar with species and in comparison to WISP. Longer wings than WISP, prominent carpal bar, nighthawk-like flight. (Though I have seen more LESP this year than nighthawks... maybe we will have to start saying that nighthawks have a LESP-like flight?)

  3. Number observed: 1

    Comments: Seen initially as it passed the boat on the starboard side and headed away from (behind) us. Relocated in chum slick, or at least crossing behind the boat. Carpal bar not as prominent as in Leach's, different shape than Wilson's (rangier), seen by observers familiar with species. Water temperatures had been in the 75-77 degree F range about the time this bird was seen.

  4. Number observed: 25
  5. Number observed: 6
  6. Number observed: 2
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