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6 mile Bend

Owner Corey Callaghan

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    Comments: Originally had this bird yesterday but was very uncertain of ID, went with AGPL due to the supreme likelihood of a golden-plover sp. in Florida being AGPL. However, Kenny Miller and Brian Fedak went out today (thankfully) and got better photos of the bird. Upon seeing the photos, I sent them to a friend (J. Pawlicki) to see if I was crazy, but my hunches from the previous night were right. The bird showed many characteristics indicative of PGPL. Some photos attached from today. Here is what is pertinent in the photos, some of which is better seen in Kenny Miller and Brian Fedak's photos (

    - Very golden-buff coloration overall; especially on the face
    - Broad golden edges/notches on back feathers
    - Prominent dark ear "spot"
    - Supercilium not whitish like AGPL
    - Longer-legged and billed appearance than AGPL. Nearly as 'tall' as the BBPL it was associating with today
    - Short primary projection past the tail and moderately short past the teritals; the extension past the tertials is not as short as how many PGPL are described, but this is known to vary based on molt and posture

    For a good resource on differentiating AGPL and PGPL see this link here:

    Also attached here is a map showing the locations of the birds.

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    Comments: Uncommon in spring in PBC. Two birds in sod field. Largish shorebirds with small, skinny necks, and a small head, large black eyes.

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    Comments: heard only

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