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    Comments: Originally found yesterday at approximately 3:45 pm, but was unable to get pictures. Returned this morning and relocated it after scouring the park for 2.5 hours. Both sightings on lower half of Golden Orb Trail foraging on the sandy trail in relatively open areas.

    White secondary tips, shorter tail, and darker reddish-brown color relative to MODO visible in these photos. Incredible feeling to successfully get photos today after just narrowly failing to do so yesterday. Mega!

    Yesterday's location: GPS: 24.8127670, -80.8192160 At this point the trail turns left and opens up out of the mangroves into a circular area. After entering this open patch, the trail forms a semicircle to the left of a low brush patch. The whole patch is encircled by mangroves.

    Today's location: 24.8126770, -80.8159750 A bit farther down the trail right before it hairpins to the left away from the coast into the upper half of the trail.

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    Comments: Originally found yesterday. Relocated today very close to where the Zenaida Dove was.

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