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Checklist S19460033

Freeport Pelagic Trip 08122014- G, Suffolk County, New York, US ( Map )
Date and Effort
Tue Aug 12, 2014 2:45 PM
Party Size:
1 hour(s)
17.0 mile(s)
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See Life Paulagics overnight (August 11-12) pelagic trip out of Freeport, NY.
3 species (+1 other taxa) total
Calidris sp.

Maybe 2 juvenile LESA flying over the boat, though looks were poor, as were photos. Seemed like they might have been bigger, but photos seem to favor juv. Least a bit upon initial perusal, though Sanderling was floated as a possibility as well. These were right at the plotted coordinates for the checklist (at 3:16 PM). They were flying ~west, or WSW.

Herring Gull

Seen behind the fishing boat "Misty Dawn" (out of Cape May)

Great Black-backed Gull

Might have been as few as 6. 3 seen behind the fishing boat "Misty Dawn" (out of Cape May), and then a short time later, after we passed them, 6 GBBG hung around the boat for a minute or so after coming in from roughly the direction of that boat.

Wilson's Storm-Petrel
Additional species seen by Gale VerHague:
Least Sandpiper
Additional species seen by Paulagic Birding:
Least Sandpiper
Additional species seen by Eileen Wheeler:
Least Sandpiper

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