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Owner Rob Fowler

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Birding the town of Loleta looking for a known Mockingbird but found a Baltimore Oriole instead!


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  5. Number observed: 120
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    Comments: One female type and probably an adult. Found first by Burton and id'd by Fowler at the corner of Montgomery and Church sts. It then flew west towards Summer St. where we caught up with it and I got some poor record shots of the bird: From Winter eBirds 2012-2013
    It then it made it's way back to the apple tree that it was pretty tied to where I got better photos of the bird though my scope was getting wet: From Winter eBirds 2012-2013
    From Winter eBirds 2012-2013
    From Winter eBirds 2012-2013

    Age & Sex:
    Juvenile Immature Adult Age Unknown
    Female 1
    Sex Unknown
  9. Number observed: 1
  10. Number observed: 10