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Checklist S11361357

NOAA - EcoMon 08172012 B, Shelburne County, Nova Scotia, CA ( Map )
Date and Effort
Fri Aug 17, 2012 11:30 AM
Party Size:
1 hour(s)
11.0 mile(s)
Tom Johnson
4 species total

***MEGA - life bird documented with photos. At 11:51 AM, while conducting a seabird survey from the flying bridge of NOAA ship Henry B. Bigelow, I noticed a small, black-and-white shearwater flying with rapid bursts of wingbeats heading opposite the ship's path (about 100-150 meters away). Through binoculars, I could tell this was a tiny shearwater - it appeared even smaller than the Audubon's Shearwaters that I'd recently seen off Massachusetts. Several times during glides, the bird raised its head up in an unusual posture, and looked to each side. Most notable, however, were the pale stripes near the trailing edge of the inner part of each wing (pale greater and median covert tips) and the extensively white underwing and undertail coverts; the wing panels, underparts, and whitish face (with the eye obviously offset by a vague white outline) combined to point toward the ID of Barolo Shearwater (formerly considered to be a North Atlantic representative of Little Shearwater and now referred to in various places as North Atlantic Little Shearwater, Macaronesian Shearwater, Baroli Shearwater, and Barolo Shearwater - yikes!), a bird I'd never seen before. I excitedly grabbed my camera and fired off a series of photos before the bird disappeared down the ship's beam. Total observation time was less than 15 seconds. Water depth = 1740 meters; sea surface temperature = 78°F.

This species has only been found a few times in late summer/ early fall off the northeastern coast of North America (North American records reviewed by SNG Howell's "Petrels, Albatrosses & Storm-Petrels of North America": 1 specimen from Sable Island, Nova Scotia on 1 Sep 1896; 3 birds seen south of Sable Island, Nova Scotia in late September 2003; 1 bird on 25 August 2007 about 135 km southeast of Nantucket, Massachusetts; an additional specimen record from South Carolina is noted by Howell to be an Audubon's Shearwater). Marshall Iliff also mentioned that Michael Force saw a single individual 160 miles ESE of Nantucket on July 29, 2011 while on a NOAA cruise, surveying seabirds.






following and then landing on railings on the bridge deck


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