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Route 1 and Maple St, Danvers

Owner Suzanne Sullivan

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    Comments: As we approached Route 1 north from Rte 62 we saw a large flock of starlings with a swift very closely associating with it. It even tried to land on utility wires when they did. It was acting like one of their flock. We observed for close to half an hour from both the east and west sides of Route 1, just to get enough pics to hopefully ID to species if it turns out to be other than CHSW. After reviewing the photos our assessment of this bird is correct. We believe it is not a CHSW but do not know what else to call it. I thin this bird warrants review by some experts. So we will send them off to someone to look at. The behavior of this bird was bizarre for a chimney swift, it was like at times it thought it was a starling. When the starlings took off this bird would fly in with the flock. Like photographing a swift is not hard enough right! Where the starlings went this bird followed. I felt like ti’s flight style was not much off from a starling in some ways. It soared a lot, but maybe it was hungry/tired? The way it soared the way it was hunting nothing seemed familiar. I was afraid it would get hit by a car because it was flying so low over RT 1 and maybe it did because we lost it and could not relocate it but we did re-find the flock of starlings. The head to me is not like a CHSW, it is chunky much more dominant/wider than CHSW. A CHSW has a sickle like wing with the front edge curving, this bird has a more straight leading edge and it is evident in almost all the photos. To me CHSW look just like “they” say a cigar with wings, this bird clearly does not look like that to me. It looks almost more swallow like and in fact acted more swallow like.

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