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Owner Alan Sawyer

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  • 4.75 mi


  1. Number observed: 21

    Comments: 13 m, 8 f. Four of m in molt. 13 birds in flight low over water in linear column (9 m, 4 f).

  2. Number observed: 4

    Comments: Non-breeding plumage.With one other sandpiper, q.v.

  3. Number observed: 1

    Comments: Juvenile Atlantic race, single individual. Bird was very distinctive, and nothing else seems to match it as closely. Similar in size to black-belled plovers, with which it was associating very closely. Long straight bill, yellow/orange at base, dark at tip. Mantel, upper coverts and flight feathers brown, somewhat variegated or scaly in appearance. Breast, flanks and belly buff-colored, slightly orange/rufus. Legs neither exceedingly long nor short, gray. Viewed at 30X from 30 m.

  4. Number observed: 3

    Comments: Non-breeding plumage.

  5. Number observed: 20
  6. Number observed: 2
  7. Number observed: 32

    Comments: 21 flying high in "V" formation, others on rocks or swimming.

  8. Number observed: 1
  9. Number observed: 3

    Comments: 1 imm. in flight, 2 ad. on Sail Rock.

  10. Number observed: 1

    Comments: "peough" call

  11. Number observed: 6
  12. Number observed: 5
  13. Number observed: 2

    Comments: Voice

  14. Number observed: 1

    Comments: Voice in coniferous forest