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Owner Paul Miller

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The observation was made at a private residence, so the location provided s general, not site specific.


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    Comments: Individual was reported to me this morning by resident birder Bonnie Bochan and remained throughout the day. Location is deliberately general. This report is to document the species for scientific purposes with imagery from later in the day; after work I stopped by to check it out and grab some imagery to verify the species. Bird is a 1st year male. Very aggressive towards the other local/migratory female RUTH that were nectaring on the same plants (Budleia, Salvia). Very rufous on the sides and tail. Gorget exhibited patterned spotting and a small fleck in the center of iridecence. Unable to catch it in flight with my old point in shoot. Tail showed a lot of buff on the tips of the rectrices. First two images are of the bird perched. The 3rd and 4th are in flight and were a little over processed to give a better understanding of the amount of rufous in the poor light conditions.

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    Juvenile Immature Adult Age Unknown
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