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    Comments: Continuing and staked out when we got there by other birders: 2 slender active waders with thin black sharply upturned bills, long necks, striking black & white wings patterns, russet on necks and head. They kept close together while feeding in the same panne where the Black Skimmer was resting. .. to the right of Eastern Rd. Trail (facing the woods). We watched them through the scope for about 10 minutes before they flew off further into the marsh.

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    Comments: Reported this morning on the Maine birding mail list, and still present when we arrived, with other birders observing it before & after we got to it. At rest on the edge of the same panne that the 2 American Avocets were feeding in. Long slender-bodied, wedge-shaped bird with solid black upper body and crown (back of neck not visible from our vantage point, as head was turned), solid white underbody. Roughly the size of a Ring-billed Gull. It was sleeping with its head turned to the left, the entire time we observed it (for about 45 minutes through a scope). Seen and cell phone-scoped from behind, also scoped from the bridge where we saw its side profile. (Updated: photo time stamp is 4:27 pm).

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