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Owner Laura Markley

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seeking Yellow Crowned Night Heron which I did see bits and pieces of through dense foliage - but figure I should come back when it's closer to "Night" for better views.


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    Comments: calling as they flew toward Crystal Cove

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    Comments: watched them fly towards and land on the jetty. Hoping for the American Golden but just couldn't tell at my distance and without a scope. My photos came out a bit blurry although at low tide I was practically on the jetty myself. Could have gotten closer but didn't want to disturb the birds.

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    Comments: circled, calling then joined the party on the jetty

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    Comments: Continuing bird previously reported opposite small salt pans. Tried from two angles but the bird was roosting quietly close to a tree trunk and I could only see that it had dark plumage with small white spots. From the 2nd angle I was able to see its eye and part of its bill.

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