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Dana Wharf Sportfishing and Whale Watching pelagic birding trip aboard the Ocean Adventures out of Dana Point Harbor, CA, to the 14 Mile Bank. Bf 0 - 1, swell 2', cloud cover 5%, distant fog, visibility 5 miles.

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    Comments: Observed at length in good light at a distance of approximately 80 to 120 meters. Birds were swimming away most of the time allowing views only from directly behind. Initial identification of Scripps's Murrelet was based on the fact that the birds never held their tails up showing undertail coverts as is typical for Carveri's Murrelet. At some point, the birds took flight and briefly flew perpendicular to the observers. Identification was changed to Craveri's Murrelet based on the dark underwing seen in flight. Examination of photos after the trip revealed that the impression of a dark underwing was caused by heavy molt. The presence of white feathers in the underwing coupled with the amount of white around the eye in the face pattern let to the final id of Scripps's Murrelet.

  3. Number observed: 1

    Comments: Probable second year bird. Initially observed perched on a kelp paddy then in flight. Striking upperwing pattern with a pale gray mantle, black triangles on the outer wing and white triangles formed by a varying trailing edge.

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    Comments: Seen well in good light for an extended period. Noticeably smaller and paler that nearby Black Storm-petrels, bouncy but direct flight.

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