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    Comments: Relatively large, dark flycatcher hawking insects from the highest perches in the tallest snags in the open scrubby area along Ridge Road about 3/4 mile southwest of the Big Oaks parking area. Impression was larger than E. Wood-Pewee, although no Pewee seen nearby for comparison. Dark "vest" contrasting strongly with pale center of chest and throat. Relatively large head, heavy bill, long wing projection and short tail. Sallying out to catch flying insects and also occasionally dropping off its perch and "diving" so low that it was hidden from view by the brush, then returning to one of a few primary perches.

    Photos obtained with only method possible at the time: iPhone through 8X binocular.

    Better photos obtained by Steve Patterson a couple hours later:

    Link to map of bird's location on 28Aug2019:

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    Comments: Heard but not seen.

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