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Owner Frederick Bowes

International Shorebird Survey (ISS)
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Mon. 7/29/2019 8:20am-1:29pm; HiTide 9:33am (9.4'); 79F; W 5; Clear; bay quiet
In addition to shorebirds the highlight was my first ever Lapland Longspur in full breeding plumage! It was first reported yesterday.
Shorebird numbers still on the low side and while access to ocean side was relaxed a bit today, the large flocks have not yet arrived. Had a Dunlin and a pair of flyby Whimbrels, missed Knot, otherwise usual suspects.


  1. Number observed: X
  2. Number observed: X
  3. Number observed: X
  4. Number observed: X
  5. Number observed: 11

    Comments: surprisingly all were in Boathole/Crescent area. None seen roadside today

  6. Number observed: 219

    Comments: 14 locations largest groups 48,35,29,20, 18

  7. Number observed: 6

    Comments: 5 locations (note plover areas not accessible on foot yet)

  8. Number observed: 2

    Comments: both at Boathole

  9. Number observed: 2

    Comments: Flew by while I was in marsh opp 2nd over - about 50 yds offshore and 50 feet up. headed south eventually disappearing beyond the High Pines peninsula. A 3rd bird joined them over the peninsula that looked larger and flew a bit differently - possibly a godwit

  10. Number observed: 46

    Comments: omnipresent 13 locations largest groupings 13, 8, 6

  11. Number observed: 107

    Comments: 7 locations flock of 80 with other species south of 3xover on ocean beach, 10 at Boathole

  12. Number observed: 41

    Comments: flush out of marshes mostly 8 locations largest group 12 on High Pines peninsula

  13. Number observed: 590

    Comments: 15 locations largest groups 100,96, 90, 80 (2) several "peep" flyby groups also posted

  14. peep sp.

    Number observed: 215

    Comments: several flyby flocks early in the run - generally 20+/-

  15. Number observed: 16

    Comments: 4 location groups of 8,6 and 2 singletons. count seems low at this point in migration - usually early

  16. Number observed: 2

    Comments: 1 in Gurnet marsh, 1 at Boathole

  17. Number observed: 3

    Comments: 3 locations

  18. Number observed: 46

    Comments: Seemed like there were less than normal - 10 locations largest 14 at High Pines including a coherent flock of 12

  19. Number observed: 1

    Comments: very close to shore - at Blakemans

  20. Number observed: 1

    Comments: found in bayside wrack between 1st & 2nd crossovers. Busy working the wrack for food presumably.. On returning home found that it was reported south of High Pines yesterday. Perhaps it will stay awhile!

  21. Number observed: 1

    Comments: found near Blakeman's. Photo is perplexing... but conclude Saltmarsh because some of the few streaks seem fairly distinct. However overall lack of markings makes me wonder if this might be a Nelson's or perhaps a hybrid.

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