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Owner Brian Self

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10/10ths cloud cover, raining and windy. 16 deg C. Walked as far as the second (Southern) lagoon only. Here on a falling tide, at 7 a.m. 11 feet, 3.35 meters.


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    Comments: Bird has been seen spasmodically at this location for a few days now and is well documented and photographed by many. Looks like a Semi-palmated Plover and could be easily overlooked as such. When facing me the bird presented a pot-bellied look reminiscent of a Dunlin vs Western Sandpiper. Black below the eye in the cheek extends forward to the base of the two-tone bill. No visible eye-ring but the supercillium above and behind the eye, prominent. Some birders said the bill looked longer, I could not see this. With the rain the ground was covered in water so the lack of palmations in the foot could not be seen. Watched the bird for the whole of the time I was here, sometimes closely. It was actively feeding.

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    Comments: Adult

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