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881 Tower Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CA (44.631, -63.578)

Owner Sebastian Pardo

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    Comments: When we arrived, the bird was still roosting in the tree right by the sidewalk it spent most of the day on. At 8:48pm, it flew to the lawn immediately behind its roosting tree, where it sallied a few times from the ground. At 9:08pm it flew across Tower Rd, where we thought we had lost it but we relocated it right across the corner on Atlantic St perched on a no parking street sign. It then flew across Atlantic St to the fenced empty lot in that intersection and perched on the vent pipes that are sticking about two feet from the ground. Finally, at 9:12pm, it took off and began flying higher and higher towards the east until we lost sight of it, most likely continuing its migration.

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