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Owner Andrew Birch

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All swift activity over GWP plant on opposite side of river. Access through large hole in bike path fence opposite Ferraro Soccer parking lot. Hole is just north of bike path gate.


  1. Number observed: 10
  2. Chimney/Vaux's Swift

    Number observed: 1

    Comments: Small chaetura type swift. Could not eliminate Chimney although I would err towards a dark Vaux's for this bird. This bird was away from the small group of Vaux's that were a little further down river. This made it a lot easier to pick out and focus on but not helpful as direct comparison would have been a big help. Immediately picked up by apparently dark chocolate brown underparts compared to the ashy-gray Vaux's. When flew in front of a background, rump appeared fairly concolorous with upperparts compared to the contrasting ashy-gray rump of Vaux's. Spent a long time gliding with wings bowed. However, wing structure not particular impressive and bulky and not sure flight style and overall size was completely convincing for Chimney.

  3. Number observed: 40
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