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  10. Catharus sp.

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    Comments: Late. Probably GCTH/BITH. Just past the downed post and rope where the quail dove was last seen regularly. On the leftside of the trail across from the fig tree. Bird went from the privot berries hidden in the sea grapes and shrubbery about 6+ feet high into the wild coffee cover a few times. Very dense and hard to get decent profile views. The movement of the bird going between these spots or its feeding style of flying up to grab a berry and come down are what tipped us on it.
    SWTH eliminated from lack of buffy and obvious lores/eye ring, and brief looks at chest and spotting lean me away from VEER.
    Hopefully the bird lingers a bit and someone can get some decent ID shots.
    Saw the bird multiple times in the same small area during our visit, so it's a good bet if it lingers a bit more it'll remain around there.

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    Comments: Near entrance to trail. Small brown warbler walking with distinct gait through leaf litter. Streaked chest with striped crown and wide-eyed appearance.

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    Comments: Ahhh Lifer!! Looked to be a female. Walking around the end of the main towhee area, almost directly West of the pink ribbon on the BAMO bush area. Bird seemed to show no fear, walking from the left to right sides casually and in the open heat and light. Bird meandered through the litter under the dead branches for about 10 or so minutes, sometimes coming out openly briefly. Nice views! Photos tba!

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    Comments: F

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