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Owner Robert Hughes

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Quick check of the beach for gulls. Clear, bright, cool (50s), and light north winds.


  1. Number observed: 2

    Comments: Adult and first cycle bird. Adult with gray upperparts, white underparts and head, dark primaries with large white apical spots, reduced black in primaries above and below, dark eyes, yellow bill, smaller, more rounded head than a Herring Gull, slightly smaller size. First cycle bird very pale overall with dark spotting and barring on whitish upperparts, grayish brown underparts, whitish primaries, small black bill, small, rounded head.

  2. Number observed: 5

    Comments: Three first cycle birds and 2 second/third cycle type birds. First cycle birds with dark brown and gray upperparts, whitish underparts with varying amounts of barring or spotting, whitish heads, dark bills, slightly to noticeably smaller in body size than nearby Herring Gulls. Second/third cycle type birds with dark gray upperparts, mostly white underparts, yellowish bills with varying amounts of dark color, yellowish legs, smaller body size than the nearby Herring Gulls.

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