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Owner Paul Watson

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Wind NNE 10-15 knots then shifted NE 12-18 knots. 1 mega bird GRSK seen shortly after starting, then nothing for an hour and 3 sp of shearwater in 15 minutes appear, then GRSK re-appears. Good day!!!


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    Comments: 1 adult bird seen at distance of approx 1 1/2 + mile offshore the approached within 1 mile range. Bird appeared with ariel challenge against WT Tropicbird and I initially expected SPSK but jizz was not right. Much experience with species from UK, Europe and in Bermuda. Overall large bulky size and weight evident in larger chested and headed appearance, rufous brown plumage and larger wing flash than SP Skua were also seen well. Bird observed with 30X increased to 40X magnification telescope in good light. with sun at my back. Bird re-appeared about an hour and 15 minutes later heading west, again within 1 mile offshore warm brown colouration seen and large white wing flash noted as again was overall bulky size. Bird landed on ocean and despite looking for a few minutes did not rise again.

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