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Owner Chris Martone

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Sunset 7:49pm.

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    Comments: First time seeing a diving flight display here! Noting as possible breeding. After 8pm, one pair flew out of canal, together they rose to 50+ feet, one Snipe dove straight down at tremendous speed, and then they both disappeared. Too far away to hear winnowing in display. Cornell notes this winnowing dive display can be territory advertising, but it is also done antagonistically against predators and can be done on migrating stopovers, so I won’t mark the breeding code as probable. Another group of four flew out of the marsh after 8pm, flying northeastward, and then I lost them. Scape calls audio for both groups are below.

    Breeding Code: H In Appropriate Habitat (Possible)
  2. Number observed: 2
  3. Number observed: 1
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