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Second attempt looking for the bobolinks reported on ebird yesterday.


  1. Number observed: 20

    Comments: After seeing the ebird report from yesterday on the bobolinks here, this was my second attempt today. I started my day here first thing this morning. As I drove up to the 90 degree turn on Settegast Rd where I planned to scope the field I noticed 5 of the bobolinks not far out in the field. jumped in the back of my truck and got a few quick photos, then put out an alert to our Galveston bird group that I had relocated the birds. At one point something got these birds up along with about 40 to 50 dickcissels. Fortunately all the birds came back down in the field. The bobolinks were quite active moving around and a flock of 20 flew up then banked and came back into the field. This is how we got our count. A number of other birders showed up and got to see these birds this afternoon. James Rieman got flight photos of the flock of 20. Great birding and then off to Lafitte Cove for a good evening of birding!

  2. Number observed: 45

    Comments: estimated at 40 to 50 in one flight. These birds landed in the field with the bobolinks

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