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  1. Number observed: 1

    Comments: From my write up to the Avian Records Committee of CT:

    That was it until we were approaching the CT/NY border. In the distance, I noticed a large dark bird chasing a Herring Gull. As it approached the ferry, I saw the distinctive white wing flashes of a Jaeger. At a distance, my heart went to SKUA, before my brain took over and I realized it was only a Jaeger. Based on the size and giss of the Jaeger in relation to the Herring Gull, I ID’ed it as a Pomarine Jaeger. The Pom continued to harass the Herring Gull as both flew down the port side of the ferry at a distance of around 50-75 feet from the boat. As the Pom flew, I was able to get good looks at most of the field mark needed to distinguish it as a Pomarine Jaeger I lost sight of both birds about 2 minutes after the initial sighting.

    General Behavior: Bird was exhibiting the classic harassing technique of jaegers while pursuing the Herring Gull
    Size, structure, and appearance:
    A large, heavy bodied, brutish Jaeger almost as big as the Herring Gull which it was pursuing-
    Dark cap / pale nape / whitish throat and belly
    Very dark back/ bill appeared to be pale

    Accepted by the ARRC

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