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  1. Number observed: 24
  2. Number observed: 6
  3. Number observed: 5
    Age & Sex:
    Juvenile Immature Adult Age Unknown
    Male 3
    Female 2
    Sex Unknown
  4. Number observed: 24
  5. Number observed: 5
  6. Number observed: 2
  7. Number observed: 1

    Comments: Larger than the 2 Pied-billed grebes swimming nearby. White on the front of the neck and up on lower part if the head. Large bill. Has been spotted in this area last few days. We spotted the Grebe on the southern end of the South Lake. He was far away on the opposite shore so these two pictures are the best of many grainy pictures.

  8. gull sp.

    Number observed: 70
  9. Number observed: 10
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